Specific Magical Weapons

The following specific magical weapons are not available to players in this setting:

Luck Blade

Apply the following changes to existing weapons:

The Nine Lives Stealer does not inflict negative levels on characters wielding it. It instead acts as a tainted object. A wielder carrying a nine lives stealer must succeed on a DC 10 Fortitude or Will save or have their taint score increased by one. They must perform another check every 72 hours that they carry it. The DC increases by +1 for every 72 hours they carry it. For every creature slain with its effect, increase the DC by an additional +5.
For every 24 hours this weapon is within a tainted area or wielded by a creature with at least moderate taint, a nine lives stealer regains one charge.
The Sun Blade’s enhancement bonus increases to +4 only against creatures of the Evil subtype.

The following new specific magical weapons are available to players in this setting:

Specific Magical Weapons

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