The Grim Reaper; literally Death itself.


Death, The Grim Reaper, The Angel of Death
Greater Deity
Symbol: A skeleton in a black robe, a human skull, a scythe, an hourglass, black wings
Home Plane: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Death, Disease, Destruction, Fate, Underworld, Undeath
Worshipers: Witches, necromancers
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Death, Deathbound, Decay, Destruction, Exorcism, Fate, Time, Undeath
Favored Weapon: A scythe


The Grim Reaper, unlike many other deities, is not merely an entity that has conquered and mastered an idea or element of the world; he is death. All lesser deities of death and pyschopomps are minor beings next to him. While often thought of as evil incarnate, he is actually entirely neutral. Seemingly entirely emotionless, he is also given to unusual exceptions on rare occasions, leaving his motives beyond fulfilling his role as the end of life an enigma.
Aside from necromancers who scorn as often as revere him, there are few true worshipers of Death, aside from those with a liking for the macabre. A large proportion of those who worship him are mad, though he has gained immense popularity since the collision of the mortal realm and the ‘otherworlds’. Macabre elements and respects to Death are often included in masked balls, especially in Venice, which is famous for it’s months-long city-wide Carnivale of Death, a mass-masquerade.
While the various psychopoms-those who guide the souls of the dead to wherever their destination is after Death has severed the soul from their body-are often mistaken from Death itself, he himself is unchanging. A stark, plain skeleton garbed in a simple black robe, carrying a farmer’s scythe and an hourglass at his belt. Some say that he has six sets of angelic black-feathered wings which he hides by magic as well.


To say that he is Death incarnate is inaccurate; rather, Death is him incarnate. He is generally as lifeless, expressionless and morose as the bones of the dead, neither cruel nor merciful. His alignment is true neutral, as are those who follow him and not a romanticized notion of him.
Beyond his role in severing a soul from their body upon expiration, Death himself seemingly does little, instead letting various psychopomps and mortals do as they will. He almost never intervenes in any affairs and holds his followers to no creed save that they perform their task.

Clergy and Temples

There are few, if any, actual temples to Death outside of macabre cults and dens of necromancers. Those that do exist are either those obsessed with Death and the dead and are infatuated with necromancy and immortality, or are insane, imagining Death as an entity of murder and slaughter. Clerics of Death are usually necromancers or priests that deal often with funeral rites and may be of any alignment so long as they do not gravely imbalance the number of undead as compared to the dead.


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