Buca, a Goddess of Agriculture, Abundance and Harvest


The Earth Cow, Goddess of the Grain
Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A sheaf of wheat or a cow
Home Plane: Mortal Plane
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Abundance, Agriculture, Bulls/Cows, Fertility
Worshipers: Farmers
Cleric Alignments: Neutral Good, Lawful Good, Neutral
Domains: Animal, Community, Creation, Feast (ECS), Plant


A lively, boisterous goddess, Buca is a deity of agriculture and harvest in the western part of the world and spans a large area. Her form is as plentiful as her domain; lush and tinted gold, with long, brown-blonde hair and green eyes. She takes a motherly relationship with the land and especially with the farmers who depend upon her graces.
Farmers are most often her worshipers, though essentially all recognize and venerate her or another agricultural deity. She is somewhat linked to procreation by extension, though other deities are held more closely in to that element. Nonetheless, she is also linked with celebrations and revelry and is said to enjoy such liveliness immensely.
She generally dislikes or even detests winter and figures associated with it.


Buca, for all her gentleness and joviality, cares little for ‘good and evil’; her priorities are on the abundance of the Earth and people. Thus, she expects her followers to aid in that endeavor in some way, either by being farmers, community leaders or mages involved with agriculture and/or farming in some way. Acts that lead to famine or infertility of the Earth are taboo by her.

Clergy and Temples

There are few actual temples dedicated to Buca, though countless local and community shrines. Clergies usually consist of just a local priest/ess or two to a village aside from major cities, where she often does have at least a small temple.
The Knights Taurus is a widespread priestly and knightly organization dedicated to providing protection to farmers and farming across a sizable portion of the western world. In an age where human settlements are under constant threat of roving monsters and brigands, the protection of food supplies and the sanctity of the land is critical; thus has come into existence a knightly order specifically dedicated to Buca, protecting and assisting in food production, the fertility of the land, and helping to appease Buca when offended.


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